30 years of success in racing and cruising

As soon as 1968, Jean Marie Finot wins his first success thanks to the Ecume de mer, the prototype of which wins very numerous races.
In 1969, Jean Marie Finot surrounds himself with a team and creates the Groupe Finot that, in its stride, accumulates successfull racing design, in France and abroad. It sets grounds for its multiple production boats.
For 25 years, the spirit of the Groupe Finot has always been unchanged : the harmony with the sea ! Everything contributes to it...
-Reliable experience
-Permanent concept of the innovation
-Passion for the art and the elegance
-Love of the sea, of the wind and of the speed
-Intransigence on the solidity and the safety.
In total, it represents:
-About 30 000 racing and cruising sailboats built in France, Italy, Japan, the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil...
-Uncountable national and international championships,
-Four one design series of wich the competitions always meet a very strong success
Our Objective has always been and is still always to do things as well as possible, be it boats,houses or other projects.
Our costumers have relied on us. This moral and finantial recognition encourages us and gives us the means to invest ouself into this objective.
Record of achievements: 50' and 60'   
mini 6,50
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ccp Cray valley, photo Billy Black



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