Our philosophy: cruising and racing in harmony with the sea

Since 1970, when Goupe Finot was created, the design of the boats has been adapted to the technologies. The boats are now lighter, while staying as stable and becoming more comfortable .

The victories that we had in the single handed round the world race and in English Transatlantic race, are the proof of it. In all the round the world races, our boats took10 % less time than their competitors.

Revolution, built in 1973, gains the 1975 Admiral's Cup in individual.

This experience is tranposable to the cruising boats
The First 210 is elected boat of 1993 year. " It is simple to handle even for a child " (Bertrand Gilles)

This way, we obtain undeniable advantages:

  1. A boat very easy to handle
  2. low steering effort and a great control under autopilot
  3. Soft movements
  4. A great comfort running, with low rolling
  5. Low heeling, sometimes further minimized by means of water ballasts

These boats of a new generation, are fast, comfortable, spacious and allow to have a reduced professional crew, and reduced manoeuvers for the same comfort.

At the same time, an effort is made to make the equipment of the boat more simple, more modular, and thus easier to maintain and to repair.

Our objectives in the design of racing boats such as the  60 ' Open
In priority order:

1) Bring back the skipper
2) Bring back the boat
3) Finish the race in a good position

The safety and the reliability of the boat are the resolution of several problems. It is necessary to balance :

The human organizational issues
The nautical qualities of the boat, its solidity and its stability.
The safety equipment of  the boat, the weather situation in which it is going to be.

These problems were analyzed, during a conference in Southampton on sept 15th 97, and then after the  Around Alone 98-99 race. ( writings / 60 ' Open the conditions of safety, past evolution, current state,  future perspectives)


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