A team


The GROUPE FINOT is a constituted entity of complementary people in their researches and their organization, a remarkable team spirit and important technical means that allow to devote completely themselves to their art.


  our philosophy  
  30 years of success  
  our constant research  


Jean-Marie FINOT
Scientist and dplg ("diplômé par le gouvernement") architect, father of a 5 children family, with a passion for the sea, lover of the cruise, fanatic of races, navigates since his adolescence, has drawn sailboats from 1964.
Jean Marie Finot create a team in1970 named  Goupe Finot.

He creates the company in 1973, that he steers as CEO. He is engaged in business connections and draws the drafts, the hulls and the structures.

Pascal CONQ
Dplg architect, 2 children, french britain racer.
He integrated the Groupe Finot in 1985 and  participated actively in his last success.
He is engaged more particularly in racing boats, as mini - transats 6,50 , 50 ' and 60 ' open. He also conceives the ballasts, rudders and sailing plans drawn by the Group.
Photos jean Marie Finot and Pascal Conq

Dplg architect, UTC designer, computer graphic CAOA designer. Collaborates with the Groupe from 1993.
He works on internal fittings drawings of the boats  and studies deck layouts.
He realizes 3D images and plans of presentation of the boats.   (the example of computer generated images) .


Mechanical and aerospace ingeneer, married, 1 child.
He joined the team on October 1st 2001.
Specialized in CAD and structural design, he draws plans and is in charge of software tools development.

Administrative responsible, 2 children, she joined in 1989.
Jean-Marie Finot and Pascal Conq's co-worker.
She is in charged of the Secretary-General post, with the accounting and the financial management. She is also engaged in relations with the clientele and the press.

Marie-Claude FINOT
Responsible of the communication,  Jean-Marie Finot's wife.
She is in charged essentially of the follow-up of the press and of the management of the Web site.

Erwan Gourdon

BTS Construction Navale
BEng (Bachelor of Engeneering) Yacht and Powercraft design
Southampton Institute

He joined the team on Novembre 2005.
he draws plans and is in charge of deck plans .

Champion de France Open 5.70 en 2004
Champion de France Espoir First-Class 7500 en 2005
Champion de France Open 6.50 en 2005

Jérémie Raymond
Ecole Centrale de Paris Ingeneer
He joined the team on FINOT-CONQ on december 2006 to make research on sailing boats planing.

Vainqueur Tour de France à la Voile 2006 (3eme 2007)
Vice Champion de France des equipages 2006
3eme Championnat de France Espoir Match Racing 2005



Ecole Centrale Engineer, DPLG Architect.
He collaborates with the Groupe Finot from 1990 on the installation of CAO.


Capucine FINOT

Jean-marie and Marie-claude FINOT's daughter, agronomist.
Carries out the development, updating, translation of this site.

All, naturally, have a passion according to their training or their spirit, for the general conception, for the mechanics of the fluids, for the elegance, the riggings, the structures, the organization, the C.A.O's programs, etc....


An united team which improve the concept of the boat and participates in the great decisions.



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