Permanent research into design and materials, using computer techniques
The FINOT GROUP was the first to introduce computer aided design for its boats in 1972, and had an outstanding success with REVOLUTION.
The installation is the medium used for design programmes, whose technical possibilities and ease of use are improved and personalized year after year by their operators.
There are three most important main lines :
- Optimization research with VPP
- Optimization of the shape of the hull
- Boat lines, in detail or in the main.

Hulls, structures, ballasts and rudders, sail sets and other elements are studied and improved by these methods. And this year has seen the addition of laminate calculations, which are essential for the optimization of planking sampling, crossbeams, etc.
This extremely valuable tool has enabled us to increase working capacity and quality, giving us ten times more options to play with and allowing a large number of fast alterations.
It is used for both races and sea and testing tank trials.



The FINOT GROUP devotes a minimum of 30 % of its time to new research, registering patents and using new techniques and materials. The group is constantly on the look-out for any new opportunities which could help the development of its boat design concepts, particularly for speed boats.




New products
We are working on the development of new projects which are :
• safer,
• faster,
• easier to handle,
• and less expensive to produce.
Special efforts are being made to join forces with producers of new materials, for the design of a new generation of products and application techniques.
Sailing is making great steps forward as a sport: the average amateur sailor who was once content simply to own his own boat is now keen to taste the challenge of the sea. A fuller, all-inclusive service is needed for navigators, covering the boat's nautical qualities, its interior atmosphere, and the reception and services provided in ports and harbours (for both renters and owners). The sailor also has a right to expect a network of friendship, support and safety all the way along a well fitted and structured coastline.
Our work on this new concept involves cooperating with boat-hirers, harbour developers, regions, and so on.


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