EVADÔM : a new dimension for your " spacious " van.
Evadôm offers you all the advantages of a camping-car : bed, bonnet, fridge, sink, cooker, shower and toilets. It can be fitted within two minutes and allows you to travel at the speed of a van.
Two containers of 2x20 litres and a small incorporated pump give you water under pressure. Eating Ustensils, plates and kitchen fittings can be fitted in two large trays.
The fridge with a compressor is linked to an independent battery.
The bed is stored behind the seats. It can be instantaneously folded.

The chemical toilet is easy to use. A tent allows full privacy.


A shower head and a flexible hose provide easy showers. A grating keeps your feet out of the mud.


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Evadôm is made out of :
- One unit with handles (L115 x D45 x H56 cm ) which can be fixed to the floor. It groups :
  • a sink and a small shower with an extansible tube
  • a 22 litres fridge working with a compressor and a thermostat
  • 2 drawers
  • a folding table
  • a mirror
  • a 10 l chemical toilet


- a special tent adapted to the car
- a bed with a folding stainless steel tubular structure
- a battery 12 V 40Ah for the fridge and the water pump in the container
- 2 x 20 litres containers including a water pump
- a plastic foot-grating


Two positions :
Day position : the bed is folded in front of the unit leaving a large space for luggage.
Night position : the bed can be very quickly unfolded ; the covers and zippers are washable.


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