Designed by  Groupe Finot

Built in Japon by NJY


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Launched in June 99, the house boat arrives in a  sheltered japanese bay...



length 10 m
width 3,6 m
Height over the water 3,20 m
draft 0,36 m
weight 8 tons
engine 40 cv Honda 2


Materials:   structure and hull polyseter stratified dressed by wood.

The windows were supplied by the French company BIEBER 63 rue Principale - 67430 Waldhambach France-

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The project started early in 98 and the launching   was done in June 99. Conception and follow-up of the construction were made by Jean Marie Finot and Pierre Forgia. The shipyard NJY, with whom we already constructed many boats, has built her in Shizuoka.


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The House boat has an autonomy planed to go out when the weather is nice.

When she went out of the shipyard, she navigated a little in the open sea to join the peninsula of TOBA, where she moored in a sheltered bay.


a large living room with kitchen, a shower - dress, a terrace at the bow, a terrace aft, a large terrace on the roof with a small kitchen, a generator, air-conditioning, 2 outboard engines.

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1, rue Pierre Vaudenay (les Metz)
78350 Jouy-en-j'osas, France
Tel: 01 39 46 20 02
Fax: 01 39 46 51 79

7-9 Shirai, Sagara Machi, Haibara Gun,
421-05, Shizuoka ken, Japon
Tel: 81 548 540221
Fax: 81548 54022



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