A floating house for Chatou

Within the framework of the Impressionists' island on the Seine river, a floating house project for artists has been set up.

The main features to be taken into consideration for the project were :

- Seamless integration into the site.
- Take advantage of the landscape with simplicity and elegance.

We are walking the way paved by famous architects such as Mies Van der Rohe, Jean-Marie Prouvé…


- A large, very simple nave, with abundant light from both ends and-on the Seine.
- A central block mustering all services, kitchen, bathroom, toilets, and which separates bedroom from living room.
- The terraces at both ends allow to enjoy the landscape.
- A very simple hull which will be slowly covered up by the trellised vegetation

Interior decoration is mainly made of wood.

Study has been conducted by two architects, Denis Daversin and Jean-Marie Finot and two designers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.
They are specific individuals, each with their own feelings and personality, some more attentive to the global vision, others working on details to improve the whole set and make it consistent.

Erwan et Ronan Bouroullec
Denis Daversin and Jean-Marie Finot