Bagage Supérior (1992)

Casino d'Etretat Legal le Goût
Un Univers de Service

Alain Gautier
Eric Dumont
Miranda Merron


Conceived at first for Alain Gautier, with a well defined budget


1-st monohull Baule - Dakar 91, steered by Alain Gautier
1-st Vendee Globe 92-93, steered by Alain Gautier
2-nd in the route du Café 93, steered by Alain Gautier
2-nd in the route du Rhum 94 steered by Alain Gautier
4-th Vendee Globe 97, steered by Eric Dumont (Legal le goût)
withdraw in the Vendée-Globe 2000/2001
10-th in the Transat Jacues Vabre 2001 steered by Miranda Merron et Frédérique Brulé (Un Univers de Service)
8-th Route du Rhum 2002 steered by Miranda Merron


- Hull built by CDK, in sandwich Glass / Epoxy/Foam rubber of PVC
- Deck in carbon
- Rigging of ketch
- Fin and rudders in carbon
- "Classic type of rig", overlapping genoa


- For the 5th Vendée Globe, steered by Eric Dumont, the boat is overhauled: sloop rigging, a steel mobile keel and new rudders.
Casino d'Etretat becomes "Univers de service".






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