Aquitaine Innovations(1996) , Yves Parlier

Garnier Belgium (02), Patrick de Radigues


1-st 60'Open with a wing-mast
This boat is also characterized by a construction Hi-tech.


In collaboration with the aerospace industry under the management of Thierry Eluère
- Bottom of the hull totally monolithique
- Partitions fired in autoclaves
- Preimpregnated carbon high temperature
- Hull strings out of pultruded carbon
-Rigging in swivel wing-mast stiffened by two great spreaders of 6,48 m centred at the foot of the mast (realized with Dassault and CTA, by Alucarbon)
- Reduced foresail
- Vectran shrouds
- Stay of the genoa roller furler in carbon
- Fixed keel with a carbon voile and inox inserts
- Special bulb weighed down by fragments of tungsten

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Photo DPPI

Photo Vapillon

- Europe 1 Star 96 (not classified), steered by Yves Parlier
- Vendee Globe 96/97 (not classified), steered by Yves Parlier

- 1-st Route du café 97, steered by Yves Parlier (team member Eric Tabarly).

- 1-st the Goldstar 98 (New York San francisco) in 57jours 3h21mn, steered by Yves Parlier, in crew (in January-March 98). He beats the record held by Isabelle Autissier in 94 on Squirrel Poitou the Charente 2 of 5 jours 2heures 10mn (average speed 9.6 knots)

- 1-st Route du Rhum in November 98, steered by Thomas Cocity (Yves Parlier had an accident of parapente).

1-st Course de l'Europe (in July 99), in crew steered by Yves Parlier

- 13 th Vendée-Globe 2000/2001. After 1month1/2 racing where he was at the top,Yves breaks his mast and repairs it himself, being admired by everybody.

- 6 th Route du Rhum 2002 (Garnier Belgium) steered by Patrick de Radigues

To follow  Aquitaine Innovations and its skipper Yves Parlier :



During year 2000, this boat is going through   important renovation. It is about notably a change of the fin and the strengthening of ring frames in order to receive a heavier keel, built in pre-preg. Yves is so in keeping with the new regulations of the Vendée Globe.





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