L'heautontimoroumenos (02)

Skipper : Giovanni Soldini
skipper : Antoine Koch

A 60 ' Open with pendular keel and wing-mast


This boat has been conceived with the lessons from Aquitaine Innovation, from  96-97 Vendée-Globe. The wing-mast is a repetition of it.

He is equiped of a novelty: an bascule keel whish allow to straighten up the boat in case of capsize. The maximum angle can reach 45 °.



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This sailboat is built in Italy, in Nomex carbon with bottom in monolithique sandwich fired to 90°C
- The hull is adapted to those specific sail plan and  keel.
- The displacement is 8,7 tons
- It is equipped of water ballasts
- It has a long boomsprit in front, rather than a boom brimming over with the transom.
The evolutions compared to Aquitaine Innovations are:

    - A double rhombus of wing-mast
    - Spar is monolithique there, and neither in sandwich carbon
    - Raised spreaders.


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is the winner of Around Alone 98-99.
Total time : 116days, 20hours,7 minutes, 59 secondes, record in its class.

Giovanni Soldini, Charleston

Fila underwent then modifications for 2001 races
She is 6th in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2001 steered by
Bruno Laurent et Massimo Rufini She is 5th in the Route du Rhum 2002 steered by Antoine Koch
( l'Héautontimoroumenos)







The follow-up of the boat:

Return 60 ' Open

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