2003 Temenos Dominique Wavre

ex UBP, ex Swiss One

Laurent Theillet

Laurent Theillet

Benoit Stichelbaut

Palmarès de Dominique Wavre sur Temenos
4 th Vendée Globe 2004-2005
2 nd The Transat 2004
3 rd Rolex Fastnet 2003

5 th Vendée-Globe 2000/2001
7 th Transat Jacques Vabre 2001

Benoit Stichelbaut
Voilwavpe. gif (70633 octets) Enlarged plan (78Ko)
Dominique Wavre has a great experience of the races around the world. He made several Whitbread  in WOR 60, participated in the Figaro race (2-nd in 97), in Transatlantic races several times, confirming so his knowledge in single handed races.

The Group Finot design this boat by holding count

  • Dominique's desideratas
  • New possible progresses at present in the series.

The boat is built to JMV in Cherbourg with the same  mould for the hull that this one of Group 4 for Mike Golding in 98.



wav_cickpitpe.jpg (26003 octets)


Year 1999
Length. 18.28 M
width 5.60 M
draft 4.5 M
Displ. 9,2 t in load
Mast carbone fixe
SV upwind 303m
SV reaching 467 m
rudders twin
Material Carbon poxy prepeg
Shipyard JMV industries


Axes of development:
  • The safety
  • self righting up
  • The improvement of efficiency of  rigging , by reducing windage

pontcoupeWavpe.gif (26154 octets)
Enlarged plans


The quality of the construction of the hull (carbon poxy prepeg) in Cherbourg and the quality of the construction of the thin keel also in carbon poxy prepeg cooked in autoclave to  Gilles Drouillard, Profil composite, allowed to go down the centre of gravity.

A new deck with  the important volume with a voluminous roof was drawn.

The conjunction of the centre of gravity more low and of this new deck allows the boat, with the supply of the water ballast, with mast or without mast, always to right up.

Dominique Wavre has made done the 180 straighten-up test to his boat 23th march, with media presence. It has been a success.

- Small and deep cockpit, designed for  solo race.
- Important covering of forwad sails thanks to the new mast configuration.




Wing rotating mast in carbon , partially autobearer (embeded with 2 shrouds without spreader). 1999
Fixed carbon mast 2001


To make handling easier, all  halyards, taking reef, sheets, go back to the cockpit.


No canting keel

Fin keel : structure in Carbon prepeg, cooked in autoclave (5 bars)

Built-in boomsprit in carbon

A new form of section was done to the veil of the keel and to the profile of the bulb for an improvement hydrodynamics in inductor and friction drag.




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