Veolia Oceans for the Soloceane

A great number of navigators dream to race around the world. They start by racing on mini-transats and figaros, soon after, they daydream about sailing an Open 60' whose price is unfortunately not affordable to everyone, because the free rating rule, although originating key progress, increases the costs.

length 16 m
Beam 5.23 m
Draft 4.25 m
Displacement 6.5 t
Material Carbone Nomex Prepreg
MS 115 m²
Jib 74
Spi 252 m²

Sailing One, with the assistance of Veolia Environment, has decided to promote an innovative race along with a new series of 16m one-design boats, with construction and maintenance cost significantly lower than that of an Open 60'.

The boat designed by finot-conq presents the same characteristics as those of our Open 60' : solidity, stability and self-righting capability. A wide hull with hard chine provides a high stability supplemented by a canting keel and water ballasts. Two rudders ensure a perfect control of the boat. A large sails area is carried by a rotating mast.


This mast is held by a forestay carrying the solent and two shrouds assuring effortless manoeuvres. A baby stay and two runners improve safety in adverse weather conditions. Two steering wheels are located in the cockpit and protected by the coachroof, as are the two watch seats just ahead of the steering wheels. The lines are led back to the cockpit and can be managed just aft of the helmsman. This layout enables to reduce the time spent by the skipper outside of the cockpit.



Inside, in the cabin, the central chart table rotates with the kitchen and the navigator seat. There are 4 berths (2 per side), shelves for equipment and the engine under the chart table. Everything has been anticipated to facilitate the work of the skipper and to provide him with optimum resting conditions.
image Pierre Forgia/groupe Finot




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