Twiner 2.80


Jean-Marie Finot designed especially for kids and teenagers a brand new small dinghy, both exciting and safe, boasting a dynamic and trendy look. This small sailing boat proves as easy to control as a bicycle, rollers or a skate board.

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  Lentgh 2,80 m  
  Beam 1,40 m  
  Draft 1.00/0.80 m  
  Displacement 30 Kg  
  Main sail 3.50,4.50,5.50 m²  
  Material Twintex®  








The boat is wide : 1.40 m. A hard chine placed rather high ensures a very large stability. A centreboard lowers in the hull. In low position, for close hauled, the centreboard is swivelling. It can be
replaced by a ballasted centreboard, so that capsizing will have less chances to occur. The boat is almost self-righting. Inside the cockpit, there are benches to sit down, straps to sit out, a small toe-rail to hold the most suitable position. The bottom of the cockpit remains persistently above the waterline, so that sitting down there is comfortable in light airs. An automatic system on the rudder allows to put it down or up at will.

The boat is equipped with catboat rigging, i.e. a single main sail with a mast, a boom and a powerful boom vang. The main sheet comes back to the centre of the cockpit. Different possibilities of sails areas are available depending on the age and weight of the skipper: 3.20 to 5.80 m². The boat sails with a crew whose weight may vary from 30 to 85 kg, with an optimum at 35 to 50kg.

The boat is built out of Twintex®, a mixture of thermoplastic and glass fibres. Twintex® can be recycled. It is light, easy to process and extremely shock-resistant.
This light boat (30kg) can conveniently be fixed on the roof of a car. A small trailer, integrated or not, makes it possible to easily pull up the boat either manually or behind a bicycle and carry all the way to the shore.

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