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After Cigale 16 on 96, Cigale 14 is  building to shipyard Alubat on 97.
At the beginning, this boat has been designed for the architects themselves. The result can seem surprising, but it comes from absence of prejudice and anticipation on the modern techniques and their optimal exploitation.
Security, strength, easy handling, speed and charm of life in board, are main characters that guide us.
The boat is built in alloy of aluminium.
Two versions are offered :
- a fix keel (2,15m)
- a removal keel (1,30/2,30m)


Length 14 m
LWL 13,50 m
width 4,20 m
Displacement 8,5 t/9t*
Draft 2,20 m/2,00 m*
Ballast 2,4 t/2,9 t*
Engine 43 cv
Main Sail 54 mē
Genoa 52 mē
Water 450 l
Fuel 180 l
Water ballast 1000 l





*removal keel version


The lay-out
- a cool area for the night with three cabins and two toilets.
- an alive area, for the day, with main room, kitchen and card table.
Everything has been thought to make life easy with maximum frontal storage. The aft main room give nice conviviality and good view on a large part of the horizon in sat position. It allows direct relationship between persons inside and outside.
cig141.jpg (21090 octets)
cig14int.gif (59595 octets)
The deck
- All handlings can be done from the cockpit, and you can winch in front of you, without being laid down on the seats.
- Jibs with no overlapping, what decrease by four energy to develop.
- two wheel helm (in option) allow the helmsman to see far away before.
- The cockpit opens on a "jupe" where is put a dinghy always ready, with a outboard motor.

cig14lev.gif (13938 octets)
plan agrandi

cig142.jpg (19868 octets)
plan agrandi

How the boat is sailing
How easy she is to handle
How plaesant it is living inside
All these things are the result of the experience of Groupe Finot  on the last single handled races around the world, the mini-transats.

cig143.jpg (13688 octets)
plan agrandi


Polar for speed and using of the sails


pol.gif (24719 octets)

gain of speed                                                curves enlarged

utilvoile.gif (13886 octets)
water-ballast  1 ton, heeling 11°                               boat without water-ballast          curves enlarged


Specifications  frencpe.gif (1131 octets)

Price  frencpe.gif (1131 octets)



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