oceanis 34

The challenge of the Océanis 34 was : Being quick, easy handling, being elegant, having volume, having all comfort in a reasonable price!

The Oceanis 34 belongs to the family (Océanis 31, 34, 37) that we designe for the Beneteau shipyard. It takes again a large part of the equipments :

  • Big cockpit with its steering wheel, its bib case, its cockpit table
  • Halyards handling in front of the cockpit
  • Sheet track handling near the helmsman

Modern, fast and comfortable boats for cruising.

The Océanis 34 integrates the latest Beneteau developments in terms of construction and standardization, making it an affordable, strong and well-finished boat.

Length 10.34 m
Beam 3.65 m
Draft 1.87/1.37 m
Displacement 5700 kg env.
Asymmetrical spi 94 mē
Main sail 28 mē
Genoa 28 mē




Progress of the boat

We use the experience of all the racing boats ( 60’Open, Mini transat…) and of our cruising boats since 40 years.
The hull shape is wide with a big back. It gives stability and balance in the wheel.
Shrouds are brought back to the side shell. It ensures a light and strong mast and little lap genoa : easy handling .


The deck
The exterior life gets organized around a big cockpit and a quarterdeck (for swimming and to get off the dinghy).
The two genoa winchs are near the helmsman. He and crew members can control them.
All the halyards and reef handlings return to the cockpit.

The companionway latch is equiped with a new patented Beneteau system. The sliding hatch and the companionway panel are integrated in the deck.

Anchor and its modern equipments are of course forward.
In the stern, on the port side, a big case for the bib and the bottles of gas.
In the case of the two cabins boat, a big extra storage.


There is two versions : 2 or 3 cabins.
A cabin with a double bed on the port side
Starboard a cabin with a double bed and after the toilet
On the port side the kitchen
Starboard chart table
The main room and the big forward cabin
In the case of the 3 cabins version, the back cabin starboard is replaced by a bigger toilet with an independant shower and a big storage accessible from the cockpit.



Main room

Chart table


Version 2 cabins back cabin

Version 3 cabins back cabin
The draft
The basic version has a draft of 1,87 m.
It is possible to have a shorter draft. It brings although a handicap on the progress of the boat.

The boat is built out of polyester strengthened with fiber glass.
The deck is injected with its inner mould.
The hull is stiffened by inner moulded structure. This structure receive the fitting that are manufactured and well-finished before.
The motor is particularly well insulated.


Le design et l'organisation des études

A design work on the inside and the outside of the Océanis 37 has been particularly done.
The shape, deek house, cockpit ergonomics elegance were the objective of numerous research by Pierre Forgia, Pascal Conq and Jean-Marie Finot.
The inside ergonomics has been worked by the Groupe Finot taking his industrial and structural integration account.
The design Nauta office bring all his experience and his expertise for the unity of the inside design and of the wood work.
A big collaborative work has been done between the Groupe Finot, Nauta and the Beneteau desk study in order to integrate all the new constructive systems and the standard and optional equipments of the boat.

The Océanis 34 has benefited the research of the Groupe Finot on the hull, the progress of appendage and of the sails made by physical and numerical tank test. These research has been conducted by Jean-Marie Finot, Pascals Conq, David de Prémorel and Erwan Gourdon.

General coordination and good outcome are mainly provided by Pascal Conq who heads the research department and by Pierre Forgia to the realization of superstructures and facilities.


The standardization of the serie Océanis 31,34, 37 has improved the quality of boats, and in parallel, has kept prices moderate.


Best boatspeeds

They are comparative, theorical and not contractual.





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