• A fast cruising boat.
  • The groupe Finot conceived it for club regatta and the cruise in family.
  • It follows the logical evolution of boat of the generation.
  • A very long flotting waterline.
  • A good stability of shape and of weight.
  • An excellent sail plan for the light weather.
  • Particularly well finished internal fittings.

The characteristics of the boat:

Overall length 9,60 m
Waterline Length 8,50 m
Max beam 3,20 m
Draft 1,8 m
Displacement About 3400 kg
Ballast About 1050 kg
Sail Surface 23,5 + 32,7 m
Spinnaker 76 m
Berths 6

The walking(progress) of the boat:
  • The waterline length is optimized.
  • Its ballast is important.
  • The boat progress well tacking, in the light weather and in the breeze.

The control:
  • The good balance of the hull allows to control the boat in reaching points of sail.
  • All the manoeuvres return to the cockpit.
  • A great skirt allows to go down easily at stern, that gives a good factor of safety.
  • An aluminium toe clip makes the deck-hull joint .
  • The bow metal band is aluminum to receive the anchor chain.
  • An anchor locker to shelter the mooring.

The accomodations:
  • A beautiful cabin with charts table kitchen.
  • The saloon is vast.
  • Forward and aft cabins are separated and has each one closet.
  • A toilet with shower in the companionway.
  • Comfort accomodation for 4 to 6 persons.

The structure:
  • The boat is structured by a backing moulded (which acts as ribbing).
  • It will not lose its shape thanks to four great complete partitions and two partial partitions.
  • The hull is in strengthened polyester of fiberglasses (FRP) with a thickness from 5 to 12 mm. The ribs measure among 8 and 12 cms (height).
  • The mast is carried by a standion.
  • Extensions of the u-bolt hook the shrouds on the inside structure.

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