• Esprit du vent resumes the main thing of the hull and the construction of the vent de fête.
  • The sail plan and the ballast are slightly different.
  • The deck is also more adapted to the performance.
  • Esprit du vent is more adapted to go far to sea and in the performances.

The characteristics of the boat:

Overall length 8,98 m
Waterline Length 7,50 m
Max beam 3,10 m
Draft 1,80 m
Displacement 2850 kg env.
Ballast 1250kg env.
Sail Surface 19,45+31,40 m ²
Spinnaker 73,30 m ²
Berths 4






The progress of the boat:
  • Stable of shape.
  • A generous ballast.
  • Well adapted to the breeze and to the beautiful time of the Japanese coasts.

The control:
  • A good rudder allows to steer the boat.
  • The manoeuvres return all in the cockpit.

The accomodations:
  • Two beautiful banquettes in the crew cabin.
  • A galley.
  • A charts table.
  • A berth for the navigator.
  • The forward cabin is especially intended to the sails, it contains the place of a berth.
  • Click here to accomodations photos

The structure:
  • Built in FRP polyester, equipped with widely scantled fiberglasses
  • Deck in balsa sandwich dressed with a backing moulded.
  • The hull receives a structured by big nervures backing moulded .
  • It will not lose its shape thanks to 5 transverse partitions.
  • The mast is carried by a partition and a standion that take again the stresses of the shrouds.
  • The fittings are hung on on the backing moulded.

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