Albatros 50'

aluminium, carbon mast, water ballasts

design : Groupe Finot

shipyard : Technimar, Saint Malo, France

material AG4 (Aluminium)
15.20 m
4.65 m
3 m
3.4 t
8.8 t
water ballast
2.2 t
main sail
107 m²
53 m²
220 m²

We have designed this boat to fulfil the wish of sailors for :

a spacious, fast boat
with sober, practical, seaworthy and well finished fittings
a boat which elegance and speed make its owner proud
a boat easy to handle shorthanded

This 50’ cruiser is the outcome of all the light boats we designed, especially the Vendée Globe boats.



Wide and stable.

Large draft and very low centre of gravity.

Twin rudders for a better control of the boat , choice of 1 or 2 steering wheels.

2 water ballast compartments, one on each side, to tune the boats attitude.
They provide a good stability and allow to reduce heeling.

Sail and rig

Simple carbon mast, rotating if needed .

Light runners used to tighten the forestay but not necessary for manoeuvres.

All the sails handling can be executed from the cockpit. The helmsman, from his aft position, can handle main sail and genoa.

The dinghy is located on the stern platform, it can be lifted using the boom as a crane.

Structure and construction

P. Forgia

The boat is built out of aluminium alloy:

5086 for the external shell
6060T5 for the stringers
deck thickness is 3 mm
hull thickness is 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm

The hull is stiffened by 40X40X4mm stringers and 100X50X8mm (standard) frames. To have a fast boat, we make the choice of a compromise between solidity an lightness.

The keel fin is made of 10 and 20mm thick welded aluminium attached to big frames through large stiffeners.


The suggested fittings are as light as possible: 2 cabins, 1 toilet.

Other fittings are possible: 2 cabins, 2 toilets, 1 shower.

2 cabins 2 toilets including an aft bathroom with separate shower.

For the spacious bathrooms, we suggest :
a wet compartment with shower and WC
a dry compartment with washbasin, shelves etc

With this 50’ cruiser, one can easily sail long distances with a reduced crew, but also make your guests feel at home.


The first unit is called "Alice". (ex "Viviane")
Alice Alice has been launched on 2006, March and tested by her Architect on may, 2006.
Here are some photos taken tis day sailing around Bréhat island in Britany.

Technimar has stopped its activity.

1, rue Pierre Vaudenay (les Metz)
78350 Jouy-en-josas, France
Tel: 33 (01) 39 46 20 02
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